I’m gonna leave from here. Maybe I will create something new on tumblr, maybe not. I’m not strong enough to delete this tumblr but I won’t reblog anymore or write stuff. I don’t know who will read this text but I want you to know that create this tumblr has been the most beautiful experience of my whole life. I met the love of my life here and even if we broke up I still love her and always will. So, maybe you will live an amazing story on tumblr too. I hope for you. I just needed some closure and this tumblr represent so much, it was perfect for that.

I don’t regret anything, I lived the love story that I always excepted and that at 20 years old. I realize that most people don’t have the chance to meet real love and I’m so lucky. I don’t know what my life is gonna be or how my life is gonna be without her but I’m excited for the future.

I have this intense feeling that we will meet again, maybe in 10 years, we will get married and have kids but I can’t say it out loud because it sounds crazy. But when you know, you know right ?

So I just wanted to say goodbye. I loved being here so much.

Tumblr is perfect. People that you meet here are perfect.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are.



Comment on fait ? est-ce qu’on supprime tout, est-ce qu’on doit juste mettre tout à la poubelle ? Les messages, les lettres, les souvenirs ? Comment on fait pour survivre à une rupture ?

Dites-moi. Que quelqu’un m’explique parce que je sais que ça ira mieux. Je sais que tout ça était réel. Et pourtant il faut passer outre et oublier et aller mieux.

On fait comment tout ça ? Parce que moi je sais pas comment on fait. Je sais que j’irai bien, un jour, dans quelques temps et je sais que c’était le mieux à faire. Mais comment on fait pour survivre sans la personne qu’on aime ?


Ne me parlez pas du temps pitié, donnez-moi un remède maintenant. Sortez-la de ma tête, de mon coeur, de mon corps, de mes poumons, de ma peau. Exorcisez-moi d’elle.

Je vois pas d’autres solutions.

Et ne me dites pas que vous êtes désolés pour moi. Ne me montrez pas une once de compassion pitié.

Je voudrais avoir encore plus mal que ça pour oublier. Je voudrais casser des choses, sincèrement c’est pathétique mais c’est comme ça. Alors non, je n’irai certainement pas mieux de suite.

Elle est partout. Et pourtant je suis seule.

C’est triste. Mais je vous emmerde.

The two most important weeks of my life are coming and I Just broke up with my girlfriend. Oups, bad timing


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Dear you,

Maybe you think I’m naïve and maybe I am. Yes, I dream about a better world. I Want a world where everyone can be accepted. And what’s wrong with that ?

Your sister is a dreamer and so what ?

I always have been a dreamer. Since my birth. When I was a little girl I was a dreamer. And now, I’m an adult and I’m still a dreamer. So you can call me naïve, maybe I’m a fool, and you can think that I’m still a little girl but I’m not. I know that life is hard and that there are wars, injustices and bad people. I know that our society is corrupted. I know that thank you, I mean come one, I know politic I want to become a journalist ! But I know too that there are people who try to change this and I want to be one of them. So maybe I’m a dreamer but critized the world and not doing anything to change it it’s a little bit easy. The fact that you don’t think the same doesn’t mean that my opinion is naïve. So thank you to learn tolerance when you talk to me cause I’m 20 now and I’m an adult. I’m not this rebel teen anymore, I do have my ideas and I’ll be gratefull that you respect them.

I will always be a dreamer but when I’ll look back I’ll say : At least, I try.

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yes yes yes a million times yes.
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